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New PIAA lights on the BMW RT

I had PIAA lights installed yesterday on my BMW R1150RT. I also had them install an Autoswitch (turns lights on/off with the turn signal and adds a status LED to the dash) as well as ultra-bright low and high beam bulbs.

Riding The Red Rollercoaster - Australian Outback Riding Technique

Riding The Red Rollercoaster - Australian Outback Riding Technique

[The bikes were two Honda NX650 Dominators]

In the Australian Outback there is a requirement to leave a considerable gap between bikes on dirt roads, but I felt Andy was too far back, travelling too slowly.
My relief at seeing him appear in my rear-view mirror soon turned to concern. He was too close to the edge of the track.

The two foot high sand drift along the edge of the track to Mungo National Park New South Wales, was not a good place to ride a heavily laden 650cc overland trail bike.

BMW Motorcycle Brake Failure

My 2004 BMW R1150RT is in the shop. I was riding on Denny St in Seattle Thursday afternoon when I suddenly lost all power assist to my brakes. After narrowly avoiding pancaking into the delivery van in front of me, my heart was pounding about 200 bpm. The brakes came back but failed 4-5 more times while I nursed it back to the office. It's in the shop now. They say it's a failed ABS brake modulator. That's just not something you ever want to happen to you.

Globe Busters Motorcycle Expeditions

Globe Busters is a motorcycle expedition company out of Britain run by Kevin and Julia Sanders. They organize motorcycle expeditions - looks like mostly in the Americas. What a fantastic way to live your life.

Their claim to fame is:

Kevin and Julia Sanders hold two Guinness World Records™.

BMW Motorcycles and life

Why I ride a BMW motorcycle to work everyday.

Aerostich Combat Lite motorcycle boot review

I posted this review of my motorcycle boots over on

I bought a pair of combat lite boots from Aerostich last year and have been wearing them on a daily basis. Mostly for commuting, though some longer rides.

I went to my local BMW dealer and checked out all the boots they had. I didn't really like any of them, so I decided to order online with Aerostich.
Aerostich service was the usual top notch, including one return for a resizing.

1 woman, 1 motorcycle around the world

Benka Pulko
rode around the world alone on her BMW motorcycle. Visiting 75 countries and all 7 continents. She wrote a book , though it does not appear to be available in English yet.

From her web site:

On January 7th, 1997, laying in her bed and starring at the ceiling, Benka had an idea. I'm going to ride a motorcycle around the world.

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