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Thanksgiving Day Ride BMW R1100S

Mark sent me this picture from his 70F Thanksgiving Day ride in DE.

San Diego Trip abort

Carmel By The Sea looking back at the Carmel Beach City Park. The finest white sand beach on the West coast.

Back online

xs-adventure.com is back on the air. We were down for a while after our hosting provider did a major OS upgrade and broke our drupal installation. After some fiddling the site is back. Oh well, what can you do - there are still a few bits and pieces to fix, but we are mostly back in business and no data appears to have been lost.

BMW K-bikes

I've been neglecting this website lately. So I finally get around to doing some maintenance work this morning and after filtering through the 500#@#! spam messages in my inbox I see a note from kick-ass programmer and all-around nice guy, Russell. He bought a really sweet looking all black K1200R. Nice bike! It's always great to see another BMW rider in Seattle.

Key Largo 2007

I spent the week of May 13, 2007 at the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo. My wife attended a conference there and I traveled along to sit beside the pool and get some much needed sun.

Buccaneer Island at Ocean Reef Club

Sailing videos

Two interesting open ocean heavy weather sailing videos.

From the Volvo Ocean Race. Turn the volume all the way up for this one to get the full impact.

Earth Day 2007

April 22 is Earth Day!

earth day

I like Earth Day. It gives one a sense of hope for the future. Unfortunately, the environmental problems we face today are even more daunting than the ones that precipitated the original Earth Day in 1970. The issues at that time mostly centered around point source pollution problems (DDT, dirty smokestacks, polluted rivers, etc). These issues are fairly easy to understand and not very controversial unless you own a chemical company or a power plant.

Redwood National Forest

I like this picture. U.S. Route 199 on The Redwood Highway.

Paul Farrall BMW Redwoods

Maui 2006

I spent the week before Christmas 2006 on the island of Maui in Hawaii. My wife was attending a conference at the Sheraton Maui and I tagged along to keep her company and to get a much needed break from work. The Sheraton turned out to be at one of the nicest locations in west Maui - just north of Lahaina on Ka'anapali beach. The snorkeling around Black Rock in front of the hotel was great.

Sunday Seattle ride in the rain

I got in a quick ride today between monster rain storms. Rode around Alki Beach in West Seattle, then south towards Tacoma. Here are a few pics.

Seattle from Alki in West Seattle, near Salties restaurant:
Seattle from Alki

Pyro Mania

After reading the posts of some of the other people that I crewed a fireworks show with on the 4th of July I thought I might detail some of my own thoughts on the experience.

Greg, our fearless leader and pyro dealer, kept a running blog of the events as the show was prepared so I feel no need to go over them again.(Entry 1, 2, 3) Mine will be an account of what goes through my head after all the prep work is done and the show is about to begin.

2006 Laguna Seca MotoGP Trip


Just back from a week long trip with Mark from Seattle to Monterey, CA to watch the 2006 MotoGP races at Laguna Seca. Mark flew out from Delaware and rented a Harley-Davidson Ultra-Classic. We rode the HD and my BMW 1150RT - swapping bikes roughly every gas fill-up.

New PIAA lights on the BMW RT

I had PIAA lights installed yesterday on my BMW R1150RT. I also had them install an Autoswitch (turns lights on/off with the turn signal and adds a status LED to the dash) as well as ultra-bright low and high beam bulbs.

San Juan Island Marathon in the Books!

Yesterday I ran the San Juan Islands Marathon. I was hoping to break 4 hours, but finished in 4:15:46. The course was very hilly, so I'm happy with my time.

The scenery was spectacular, but it was raining for much of the race. I did not see any whales, but I did see a bald eagle and a lot of very nice sailboats.

Met some nice people as well. It was a very friendly marathon.

I'll update this post later with some more information.

garmin forerunner 205

I bought a Garmin Forerunner 205 GPS watch and I've been trying it out on my runs. It's pretty nice. I'll write up a full review at some point. In the meantime, click below to see a track of the 9.5 mile loop run I did this evening. From my house, around the UW stadium, behind the UW Hospital, along Portage Bay waterfront, past Gasworks Park, turn around at the end of Union Bay at Highway 99 bridge - back on Burke-Gilman Trail. Fantastic Seattle scenery on this run!
I created this picture by uploading Forerunner files to gpsvisualizer.com.

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