1 woman, 1 motorcycle around the world

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Benka Pulko
rode around the world alone on her BMW motorcycle. Visiting 75 countries and all 7 continents. She wrote a book , though it does not appear to be available in English yet.

From her web site:

On January 7th, 1997, laying in her bed and starring at the ceiling, Benka had an idea. I'm going to ride a motorcycle around the world.
Of course she had never really ridden a motorbike in her life, not even around town, let alone around the planet. But that did not prevent Benka from pursuing her plans. Within months she began the journey, flying herself and her motorcycle to North America to start a two-year circumnavigation of the globe.

Slide show tour

I sent Benka an email to see if she would be touring the U.S. with her slideshow anytime soon. When I hear back from here, I'll post her reply here.