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Sailing and Mountaineering Books

I read a lot. I always have. I read fast too and that means I always have piles of books overflowing my bookshelves. Here are some good ones I'm looking at on my bookshelf right now.

Fastnet, Force 10: The Deadliest Storm in the History of Modern Sailing, New Edition

by John Rousmaniere.

Web Site review:

Here is a climbing link I found on the net. It's the company website for a mountaineering and trekking guide service based out of Australia, and is of much higher quality than most of these types of sites that I've seen. They have a fun-to-browse upcoming trip catalog filled with a lot of beautiful expedition and travel pictures as well as interesting stories and pictures from previous expeditions and information on various documentary films they have produced. There are live dispatches from mountaineering expeditions, though I've never been a huge fan of these realtime journals. I prefer reading the more refined post-trip reflections. I suppose they are good for friends and family. Overall the site has good content and reasonable navigation (though too many of the links pop open new windows). It's worth checking out.

Adventure Links

Here are links to some pages that I read on a regular basis. If you have a good link, add it to the comments section below for review. Those that the community deems truly good (as defined by consensus in the comments below) we'll promote up to the top level list.


  • Insider news and great pictures of top sailing races. Excellent discussion forum, but the comments are very technical and probably incomprehensible unless you are an expert racer.

Ed Viesturs climbs all 8,000 Meter Peaks

Ed Viesturs has summited Annapurna on May 12th completing his quest to climb all 14 of the world's 8,000 meter peaks. He is the first American to do so and one of only a handful to accomplish this task without using supplemental oxygen. MSN has the reports here and here. He has also climbed Mt Everest an amazing 6 times.

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