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First Nice Spring Ride 2012

Today was the first warm day of the year. Temperature was in the 70s so I went for a Sunday ride: To Monroe via 522 then Fales/Elliot/Highbridge/Crescent lake roads, then Monroe to Sultan on Ben Howard road followed by Highway 2 to Index and Reiter road out of Index (closed 3 miles from Index due to flood damage). Around 150 miles round trip.

Link to route map on Bing Maps:

Paul's 2012 BMW R1200GS Motorcycle

Here are a couple pictures of my new 2012 R1200GS. It has ABS, ESA, OBC, and TPM options. I also purchased the BMW Vario side cases and top case. These are nice because all three are keyed to the ignition lock.

Ride in the Rain February, 2011

I took a short ride to Dash Point on a typical February day in Seattle, temperature around 45F and light rain. I have had better days riding, but it was good to get out. Dash Point State Park was closed for repairs so I rode down to the small public parking area to the south. There was a restaurant there called The Lobster Shop that I would like to go back and visit.

Mark on the tail of the dragon

Photo of Mark on US 129, aka "Tail of the Dragon". From our trip last summer.


New P3 LED running lights

At the BMW MOA rally last summer, I came across a vendor showing off hi-intensity led lights: P3 led flashing brake lights and the "Photon Blaster" forward facing running lights. I recently started commuting to work through downtown Seattle and decided it was time to increase my visibility. I purchased P3 and Photon Blaster lights for front and rear on my R1150RT. The lights were purchased from

My current visibility efforts consist of:


2009 BMW MOA Rally

Mark and I were back in the Southeast from July 11-18 on the Blue Ridge Parkway, Deals Gap and surrounding areas. We can't seem to get enough of the roads down here. The purpose of the trip was to hit the BMW MOA rally in Johnson City, TN. Total distance was 2,156 miles.

High point on Blue Ridge Parkway

R1100S Blue Ridge Parkway Ride May 2009

Mark is taking a solo trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway this week on his BMW R1100S.



Replacing the Battery in my BMW R1150RT

Winter 2008/2009

My 2004 BMW R1150RT was exhibiting signs that the original OEM battery was about to fail. It was starting to crank a little slow and needed extra time on the battery tender. Five years is outside the service lifetime for this battery, so I decided to replace it before it failed while I was out on a trip somewhere.

Mt Baker Ride 2008

Looks like rain for the weekend, so I took Friday off from work and headed up to Mt Baker on my BMW R1150RT. This is one of the best motorcyle rides in Western Washington.

The goal for the day

Smokey Mountains Motorcycle Trip 2008

Smokey Mountains Motorcycle Trip 2008 6/27/2008 - 7/2/2008

The Goal
The goals of this trip are simple: Spend 6 days riding through the mountains of the Southeast, USA.
See some great sites. Avoid radar toting police and park rangers. Don't crash or run into any suicidal deer.


Thanksgiving Day Ride BMW R1100S

Mark sent me this picture from his 70F Thanksgiving Day ride in DE.

BMW K-bikes

I've been neglecting this website lately. So I finally get around to doing some maintenance work this morning and after filtering through the 500#@#! spam messages in my inbox I see a note from kick-ass programmer and all-around nice guy, Russell. He bought a really sweet looking all black K1200R. Nice bike! It's always great to see another BMW rider in Seattle.

Redwood National Forest

I like this picture. U.S. Route 199 on The Redwood Highway.

Paul Farrall BMW Redwoods

Sunday Seattle ride in the rain

I got in a quick ride today between monster rain storms. Rode around Alki Beach in West Seattle, then south towards Tacoma. Here are a few pics.

Seattle from Alki in West Seattle, near Salties restaurant:
Seattle from Alki

2006 Laguna Seca MotoGP Trip


Just back from a week long trip with Mark from Seattle to Monterey, CA to watch the 2006 MotoGP races at Laguna Seca. Mark flew out from Delaware and rented a Harley-Davidson Ultra-Classic. We rode the HD and my BMW 1150RT - swapping bikes roughly every gas fill-up.

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