Sunday Seattle ride in the rain

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I got in a quick ride today between monster rain storms. Rode around Alki Beach in West Seattle, then south towards Tacoma. Here are a few pics.

Seattle from Alki in West Seattle, near Salties restaurant:
Seattle from Alki

Another close up view of downtown Seattle. There were a lot scuba divers entering the water from the beach here. I was going to take some photos of them, but they were not doing anything too interesting. I did not see any sealife like Wolf Eels, or Octupi. There were a bunch of Sea Lions lying on the bouy in the foreground, but they didn't come out too clearly in the photo.
Seattle from Alki 2

The sign says Road closed. Looks passable to me.
road closed

Sure enough. No problems getting through.
road closed 2

That's it. I took some more photos looking out over the Puget Sound from various overlooks between Seattle and Tacoma, but it was a pretty miserable day (by normal standards anyway - after 15 years in Seattle, the rain doesn't bother me anymore.) so I won't bother to post them. I thought it was interesting that even though it was raining or about to rain all day, Alki Beach was still pretty busy. Lot's of runners, bikers, Scuba divers, Sunday walkers, etc..