New PIAA lights on the BMW RT

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I had PIAA lights installed yesterday on my BMW R1150RT. I also had them install an Autoswitch (turns lights on/off with the turn signal and adds a status LED to the dash) as well as ultra-bright low and high beam bulbs.

I should really be able to light up the road with these. There is not a lot of darkness during this time of the year to try them out, but they will come in very handy next winter. I'm looking forward to using them on my upcoming trip to CA as well.

Here is the full size picture:

I just got back from a

I just got back from a weeklong trip and had some opportunities to use these lights. They are insanely bright!

With the HID main light plus the two side running lights and the PIAAs, you could not ignore this bike. They are almost too bright.