Mt Baker Ride 2008

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Looks like rain for the weekend, so I took Friday off from work and headed up to Mt Baker on my BMW R1150RT. This is one of the best motorcyle rides in Western Washington.

The goal for the day

The Mt. Baker Highway (WA-542) starts in Bellingham, WA and ends at Artist Point in Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. A great description of this ride with pictures is at

The route I took was Seattle to WA-522, then north on WA-9 until it joins up with WA-542 (Mt Baker Scenic Highway). On the way back, I detoured on Mosquito Lake Rd South from WA-542 until it rejoined with WA-9. Then South on WA-9 to Park Rd/Cains Lake Rd around Lake Watcom and slab it back to Seattle on I-5. Rolled out of the driveway at 06:00 and returned at 14:30. 305 miles round trip.

The Route

It was cold and foggy on WA-9 in the morning. I had my jacket liner in and my heated handgrips on full blast. I was worried the rain forecast for Saturday was rolling in a day early, but it was just lowland fog. Once I started to climb in elevation, the weather cleared up and it was a beautiful day.

Big Lake on WA-9

I decided to park my bike in the middle of the road...

Beginning of the Mt Baker Scenic Highway. The views just kept getting better and better.

Once the road got above the treeline it became very tight with many 180 degree switchbacks

Mt Baker gets a lot of snow. This picture taken first week of August, 2008!

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Another pic. The road up to Artist Point.