Ultramarathon Man: Confessions Of An All-Night Runner

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Ultramarathon Man: Confessions Of An All-Night

Author Dean Karnazes
Publisher Tarcher (March, 2005)
ISBN 1585422789
Reviewer Paul Farrall

Have you ever pulled an all-nighter? Two in a row? How about running
non-stop through the night? This is the story of a man who routinely
does that and much more. Read on for a review of this book.

Dean Karnazes was living a normal yuppie life in San Francisco until
the day of his 30th birthday. That night, after arriving home from a
late night out on the town, he started walking up the front steps of
his house. Instead of going inside, he stopped halfway up the stairs,
turned around and went running. He didn't stop until reaching Half
Moon Bay, 30 miles and 7 hours later.

It was, as he explains, as if "A switch had been flipped inside me. I
wasn't going to check my messages and then slip into the comfort of my
warm bed. There was a determination to make tomorrow different too.".

He certainly followed through on that. The rest of the book goes on
to detail some of his major accomplishments (100 Mile Western States,
Badwater Death Valley Ultramarathon, 199 mile The Relay, etc.).
Equally impressive as the physical accomplishments is the way he has
managed to fit all these activities into the rest of his life. He
holds down a full time job and finds time to spend with his wife and
children. A major motivation for him seems to be using running as a
way to bring his family together.

This book is the story of a man who decided to live his dreams and dug
down deep inside himself to find the courage and will to make those
dreams a reality. It is an inspiring story and this book is highly

You can read more about Dean Karnazes on his website;


Radio Interview

I found a transcript of a radio interview with Dean Karnazes here .


One thing that occurred to me was how far a little determination will take you. If more people applied half the amount of drive and discipline to achieving their dreams as Dean, the world would be a much more interesting place.